Joel McGee

Joel McGee

Consulting Producer

Joel McGee is a veteran writer/producer & former television network executive with nearly twenty years of experience working in non-scripted programming. He began his career at legendary game-show production company, Mark Goodson Productions, working on such shows as “The Price is Right” and “Family Fued.” He stayed within the Goodson family for roughly a dozen years, helping Jonathan Goodson Productions launch and maintain more than 18 different game shows around the world.

During his time at Goodson, he served for five years as Supervising Producer of The California Lottery’s weekly game show “The Big Spin” and he also produced The Multi-State Lottery’s weekly “Powerball: The Game Show,” starring Bob Eubanks. McGee also produced the PAX-TV game show “Dirty Rotten Cheater” and oversaw the start up of its foreign productions in Italy, India and Japan. He was also involved in the development and production of the nationally syndicated talk shows “Housecalls” and “Forgive and Forget”, the stunt shows “In the Dark” for Warner Bros. and “Twisted” for Nickelodeon and “CRAM” for the Game Show Network.

McGee’s network gigs include his most recent stint as Executive Director of Original Programming & Development for GSN, where he played a key role in such game shows as “Bingo America”, “Catch 21,” “How Much is Enough?”, “20Q”, “The Money List”, and “Think Like A Cat.” He also oversaw the most recent revival of the classic relationship show, “The Newlywed Game” and the last season of GSN’s successful poker series, “High Stakes Poker.” McGee was also responsible for the groundbreaking television event “The 2009 Game Show Awards.” And he was involved in the development and production of interstitial programming blocks “GSN Live”, “Big Saturday Night” and “Bingo Blitz.”

Before joining GSN, McGee served as Director of Program Development at Animal Planet, where he oversaw the development of dozens of natural wildlife documentaries including the “Meerkat Manor” series, “Orangutan Island”, “Lemur Kingdom”, “Spring Watch”, “Fooled by Nature” and Steve Irwin’s final film, “Ocean’s Deadliest.” He was also responsible for development of the network’s domestic-pet and format-driven programming including “Divine Canine”, “E-Vet Interns”, “Ms. Adventure”, “Backyard Habitat”, “The Little Zoo That Could”, “Things Pets Swallow”, “World’s Ugliest Dog Competition”, “Puppy Bowl” and “Dancing Pet Stars.”

Independently, McGee has held one-year development deals with both CBS and Film Roman Television. And he most recently consulted with Hasbro Studios and Sokolobl Entertainment as they develop the popular Hasbro board game “Pictureka!” into a children’s game show.

McGee is a current member of The Producers Guild of America, The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and The Hollywood Radio & Television Society.